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Adding And Tracking Your Activities (Timesheet)

13 August 2018, Monday allows the development of integrated applications according to customer specifications.

Adding And Tracking Your Activities (Timesheet)

Another example of an application developed according to a customer's specifications, based on the flexibility provided by filling out and tracking the activities performed by the company's employees for the customers (Timesheet).

For this application to be created, it was first created a task nomenclature containing the names and the related tariffs.
Then a new type of resource was created: "Timesheet," along with a component for viewing Timesheet information.
A simple flow step has also been created, through which the necessary data is collected: customer name, date of the activity, type of activity, duration, as well as a field for the description of the activities carried out.
When executing such a flow step, the information is stored in the existing data structures of without the need to create other tables in the database. At the time of operating this step, the preset labels are automatically applied to the resulting resource (customer, activity, date, user ID that operates, tariff).
For extracting reports, only the infrastructure already included in is being used, "virtual folders" that help us view the information is a simple operation that takes only a few minutes to be created. As we have shown on this site, these "virtual folders" allow the organization of resources based on labels attached to them.
In addition to simply viewing the resources, the user can also see the sums of certain values calculated automatically, such as the total hours and their total payment for each tree level displayed. For example, by selecting a client, at the bottom of the list we see 2 fields: "TS - Hours worked" and "TS - Value", where we see totals of data for all activities performed for that client. Selecting the year, respectively the month, the total changes according to the selected periods.
From the same data, we can extract structured information by activity or by years or any other criteria necessary for analyzing the activities.

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