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Information Flows and Their Benefits

09 February 2018, Friday

Organizations of all kinds need well-established mechanisms to track the conduct of activities as well as the circuit of related documents.

Information Flows and Their Benefits

Organizations have internal mechanisms whereby any operation (ordering, buying, processing, selling, etc.) requires passing through certain steps to be approved or executed.
These steps are very difficult to track and centralize in the absence of an information system that can track every step or procedure in detail. allows workflow automation in a transparent, easy-to-follow and controlled way. The actions of reviewing or approving documents are simplified, they only circulate in accordance with well established rules within the organization.
Flows can generate documents that can then be intelligently directed to directors of different departments who can quickly and easily revise, deny, or approve any document.
For example, an "invoice" document can be intelligently directed between different administrators, and in the end the document reaches the CFO that will approve the payment. In order to make the process as effective as possible, all those involved in the approval of a document receive emails.
Therefore, business processes receive approvals in time, and this helps to ensure a pleasant workplace environment.
Here are some of the top benefits of using process flows via

Organization and standardization

Any activity in the organization must go through the steps imposed by the organization's internal rules, activities being standardized and implicitly organized in a practical way.

Increased productivity

The increased speed with which documents can be generated, transmitted and approved makes the organization's activity more efficient and productive.

Traceability and monitoring

Any document that circulates using will be archived, monitored, and easily retrieved at any time or in any department of the organization.

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