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13 February 2018, Tuesday

The importance of using document management software (DMS) is given by the ability to centralize the entire information content of any organization.

Cost Savings with

Document management and flow software are among the greatest inventions dedicated to the business world, which are designed to help companies in their business.
The importance of using document management software (DMS) is given by the ability to centralize the entire information content of any organization. For most organizations, accessing documents and company information can be one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of the business. DMS simplifies this by targeting paper documents, emails and Microsoft Office files in a single electronic storage center that saves money and time. Here are some of the ways DMS can reduce your costs significantly.

1. Reduces paper costs and unnecessary printing of documents

Most companies have spent significant amounts of money on paper and printing documents so that employees can write reports, write emails, create accounting statements, and make plenty of other reports later to be printed and filed. With DMS, all of these can be done digitally and can be easily stored in one application.

2. Version control

In general, documents need to go through different revisions and reach more people before they are approved. Any modification of a document determines the appearance of a new version in the system. All old versions are kept, but users have access only to the latest version. This gives total control over the documents circulated witin the organization and eliminates the need for more storage space, saving even more money.

3. Eliminating human errors significantly reduces the costs of manual and human errors. The system will notify delayed actions, approval / non-approval of documents or operations, overlooked tasks, etc. These notifications reduce the risk of malfunctions due to lack of communication. Notifications can be generated automatically as emails, text messages, and pop-ups.

4. Optimize working time

Process flow systems track the details of the activities, recording who and when they do what they do. You can assign tasks and deadlines and you can manage project interdependence to make sure everything is done on time. Given the fact that the workflow of the employees is automated, this reduces the time needed to manage the process, minimizing at the same time the potential for human error.

5. Increasing productivity is a process automation platform that creates the ideal framework and workflow to reach the full potential of each individual employee, thereby boosting productivity through realtime monitoring, increasing employee productivity implicitly.

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