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Document Management versus Cloud Storage

07 February 2018, Wednesday

With the development of a company's business, the volume of documents processed for day-to-day business activities increases proportionally. Depending on the scale and the complexity of the organization's processes, storing documents is just not enough.

Document Management versus Cloud Storage

With the growth of a company's business, the volume of documents processed for day-to-day business activities increases proportionally. Companies often opt for online storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. With the increase in workload, they will realize that they no longer meet their data organization needs because such services provide simple, basic functionalities. These services are limited to backing, storing and accessing data from different locations, unable to satisfy companies that have complex document management needs.
When deciding which of the variants (simple online storage or best meets the specific needs of your organization, there are a few things to consider. These include criteria such as: how important your documents are to all your business operations, and how fast you expect to pick up these documents to facilitate your business operations. Document Management Software (DMS),, was designed to help you access documents, edit them, and share them with colleagues or customers, and also provide useful tools such as: data analysis and generation of reports, automatic document generation, clear document tracking inside and outside the organization, etc. Here are just some of the specific advantages that you can get when choosing for your business:

1. Organization and Standardization

The use of document templates and process flows specific to each individual industry have proven their long-established, undeniable efficiency. Old habits die hard and people tend to keep their own copies of templates or follow processes more or less according to the procedures. With, you make sure that your own templates and process flows are adopted across the organization. The templates are centralized, so the current version is easily accessible to everyone, and by automating processes, you're sure the procedures are followed by all employees.

2. Quick Retrieval of Resources

Due to documents metadata labeling, virtual folders system and OCR – Optical Character Recognition (allows text interpretation from images), allows quick retrieval of documents based on key words (for example, in less than 3 seconds from a few tens of thousands of documents).

3. Security and Control of Information

Users can grant or restrict other users' access to documents stored in the system. This ensures intrinsic protection of documents and can only be edited or viewed by authorized users. Documents can not be viewed or modified by unauthorized users. Information about users who have made changes will be saved in the document history and then can be easily retrieved and verified.

4. Easy Management of Versions

When thinking about document management, two critical stages of document life cycles can be difficult to control: review and approval. allows you to view and approve electronic documents with the guarantee that you always view / edit / approve the current versions of the
documents. You can even review, modify, and collect comments from colleagues at the same time, the history of actions and changes made by different users remaining recorded in

5. Integration with Other Applications

Easy integration with other IT systems, external data sources, etc. The system can be extended, communication with other systems in both direction is ensured. This connectivity helps simplify workflow and increase efficiency. The system is designed in modules, allowing for the adaptation of existing modules or the creation of new modules to adapt to the organization's work.
With, organizing and running your files is very easy and convenient. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access and work with your documents wherever you are, not being dependent on your office computer or physical access to your documents. If your documents are vital to your business operations, then you should definitely invest in the document management software,

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