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Generating Documents Automatically

10 July 2018, Tuesday

In addition to organizing and tracking organizational activities or document management, can also help you by automatically generating documents.

Generating Documents Automatically

Templates are included in the system, and after performing the flow steps, documents are generated by replacing the predefined fields in the template with the data collected from these steps.
The major advantage of this functionality is that once the template has been modified (for example, as a result of regulatory changes), no matter who and how it operates in that flow, the documents will be
generated on the basis of the new template. In addition, the likelihood of omissions or operating errors is diminished due to the detailed designing of the flow steps.
Templates can only be created / edited by users who have administrative rights or template editing permissions . This avoids unauthorized changes that could lead to unappropriate documents.
For designing document templates attached to a flow, the fields that were set in the flow steps plus a few "system" fields (date, time, name of the responsible, etc.) are provided.
Depending on the labels set up in the flow design, the generated documents are organized directly into the appropriate folders.
As presented in the "Functionalities" section, the virtual folders system allows a document to be found in several folders, depending on the attached labels. Thus, for example, an invoice can be found at the same time in a folder where the documents are organized on data, as well as in a folder where the documents are organized according to the supplier or in a folder containing the related documents of a project.

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